October 28, 2020

Website: Rerolled!

We've been looking forward to getting our website and unified store launched for a long time and we're excited to share its launch with you!

Here you can find the latest news, hero details, Kickstarter updates, videos, and our shop!

On our Home page, you'll find an overview of the many areas of the website as well as newsletter signup. If you ever need to get back here, just click the flaming die at the top of the page. 

From Dice Throne Shop you can select any of our products to get to its overview page showcasing downloads, links, product options, videos, overviews, images, features and component lists.  Of course you can put items in your cart while you're there, too!

The Heroes page showcases each hero individually, including their specific FAQs.

Our FAQ page has links to all the frequently asked questions for all heroes and games. 

On our About page you will learn more about our team!

Support & Contact page is the place to be when you need to contact us for any reason: damaged or missing pieces, event & group support, game reviews, or any other support.

There are a few things we have yet to implement so stay tuned to our News section and sign up for our newsletter to hear about these updates as they are launched.

Until the next time...

Keep Rollin' Sixes!