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Promo Pack - 2020 Season Two

These items are currently being fulfilled, but due to high volume may take longer than normal to ship.
As we run low on the 2020 promo pack, the 2018 will be substituted. It contains the same promos for Season Two as the 2020 pack.

$5.00 - Preorder

$5.00 - Preorder

Season Two Only S2 + Original Print Season One Promos


Includes 8 hero cards and 8 full art randomizer cards to make your games even better.

3D Rendering of components


This promo pack adds a little bit of specialized flair to each character, while also providing a simple and elegant way to choose your hero for battle with the randomizer cards.

Art & Graphic Design: Manny Trembley and Gavan Brown


  • 8 Hero Randomizer cards
  • 8 Hero Promo cards