We are currently not able to accept returns in the USA until further notice.

Contact & Support

Damaged or Missing Pieces

Does your game happen to have damaged or missing pieces? The minions responsible will pay dearly. We want to make sure you can play the game(s), and will work to make sure that happens. To help us stay organized with replacement parts, please click here and fill out a replacement part request form!

Event & Groups Seeking Game Donations

Do you run an event or group that is seeking sponsorship in the form of donated games? To help us stay organized with sponsorship requests, please email media@offdutyninja.com

Game Reviewers

Are you looking to review a released or upcoming Dice Throne game? To help us stay organized with review requests, please email media@offdutyninja.com

Other Support Requests

For any other questions or comments, please email us at support@dicethrone.com.